We do Antenna Designs and 3D Electromagnetic simulations

Novelic provides a full scope of the electromagnetic service modelling for:

  • Arbitrary planar, and metal antenna systems
  • Microwave and mm-Wave Transitions and Packaging
  • 3D model lump model´s extractions from high frequency structures
  • 3D EMC & Field Propagation Designs

In the designs tools like:

  • CST
  • HFSS
  • 2,5D EM Tools
  • WIPL-D Tools for large metal structures

The design tool licenses can be project related provided, or customer licenses over VPN may be used.


Project Examples antenna design

Different antenna designs have been performed covering frequency ratio from 2,4 GHz up to 90GHz, with antenna directivities up to 30Dbi.

Novelic has own antenna IPs for high gain planar structures in microwave and mm-wave range, featuring planar feeding, and high tolerances robustness.


60 GHz Antenna Radiation 3D simulation results, Antenna 3D Diagram, 21dBi Gain, 16 dipoles planar feeding


Test High Gain 60 GHz Planar antenna (3x3cm), with 20% measured bandwidth


Sets of 24 GHz antenna system integrated in the radar products


mm-Wave measurement environment with reference antenna approach