Design Services

We do AMS & RF & mm-Wave IC Design

We offer design services for AMS & RF & mm-Wave ICs, including related layout services.

Example of the NovelIc 57-64GHz FMCW Transmitter with fully integrated, designed in 130-nm SiGe technology with SPI interface (building block for FMCW & Doppler Radar sensor.

Workflow AMS & RF & mm-Wave IC Design



  • CMOS, BiCMOS, Bipolar
  • TSMC, TowerJazz, IHP, XFAB, UMC, STM, AMS, Atmel, AMIS, TI, GF…
  • 28nm – 0.35μm

Project Examples AMS & RF & mm-Wave IC Design

RF & mm-wave IC

  • 77-81 GHz mm-wave automotive radar sensor, with on-chip FMCW synthesizer based on fractional-N PLL
  • +8 dBm output power FMCW transmitter covering 57-64 GHz ISM band, with up-to 16 fully programmable chirp configurations, SPI slave and Rx LO quadrature outputs
  • 60 GHz industrial radar sensor and nFSK Transmitter, with on-chip PLL and 7 GHz bandwidth
  • UWB ultra-low power transmitter (IEEE 802.15.4a)
  • UWB sensor design, 3-4 & 7-8 GHz
  • Watch based COSPAS/SARSAT beacon IC
  • UWB 3.1-10.6 GHz transceiver for professional application
  • 2.4 GHz SiGe high performance direct I/Q demodulator and modulator
  • Automotive Radio RF IC Design


  • Ultra-high sensitive 3D Hall Sensor SoC (AMS ICs) for industrial applications
  • Heat Sensor IC
  • Flow Meter IC
  • ADC: 2nd & 3rd order SC Sigma-Delta; CT Sigma-Delta; ultra-high-speed GHz sampling in 28nm CMOS
  • PLLs: from ~10MHz to 81GHz (fractional N up to 7GHz bandwidth)
  • Support Blocks: Bias, Bandgaps, Amps, Buffers, LDOs …